Offshore Registration

British Virgin Islands Offshore Company Registration

An International Business Company is a limited liability company that may be registered in the British Virgin Islands but has no commercial activities within the British Virgin Islands which allows it to be exempted from paying Income Tax on revenue, or Inheritance/Estate tax on its shareholding. 

International Business Companies can even have their bank accounts, accountants, lawyers, and company meetings within the British Virgin Islands and still maintain this tax exempt status. 

The British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Incorporating in the BVI gives a business a number of competitive advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Tax exemptions from stamp duty and local taxes
  • Flexibility in creating corporate structures within international Businesses
  • A pool of trustworthy and experienced professionals in your industry
  • No requirements for Annual General Meeting, or Accounting
  • Incorporation and and Domain name reservation within 48 hours
  • Affordable rates of government fees as well as agent fees
  • Verification of customized corporate documents and certificates
  • Ability to issue shares in different currencies or non cash consideration
  • Company shareholders and company officers can be confidential
  • Shareholders do not have to be residents and there can be more than one director/shareholder
  • Freedom to execute asset transfers, consolidations, and mergers with foreign entities
  • BVI does not have a minimum amount of capital required for International Business Companies.

How to get a BVI (British Virgin Island) Offshore License

There are a number of ways to use offshore companies for taxation, for investment, for international business, or simply to allow your business to operate with more confidentiality. Offshore Licenses are also helpful for setting up more efficient company structures which will satisfy taxation requirements. 

Learn more about the business structures that you can implement with an International Business Company. 


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