Dubai World Central Company Setup

The Dubai World Central is attracting businesses from the entire world which are flocking to set up a business there. DWC has achieved this by creating a simple, affordable registration process within an environment that is business friendly and surrounded by some of the best infrastructure in the world. 


Benefits of DWC

Our work with the Dubai World Central has led us to believe that it is one of the most exceptional offering for the many clients who prefer. Companies that register in the DWC benefit from not having to take on local shareholders, enjoying tax exemptions, as well as being part of the emerging global logistics hub. We have made the process of setting up a business in DWC as simple as possible.

Businesses that set up at the DWC get to benefit from the Business Centre at the entrance which is a large business hub that facilitates the operation of businesses. 

Here are some incentives for setting up in the Business Centre:

  • No minimum amount of capital set
  • Zero corporate tax
  • Tax free environment
  • Full foreign ownership is allowed

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