Forming a Free Zone Company in the UAE

Do you want to run a business in a foreign country and still retain 100% ownership of your company? Do you want to fully own a company in Dubai? If this is what you want, then Free Zone registration is the best option for you. 

Foreign investors who want to own their  business fully without having to get a local partner will be most interested in the Free Zone business registration in the United Arab Emirates. 

Free Zones in the United Arab Emirates

  • Outside the free zones, any one who is not a resident in the United Arab Emirates cannot be a majority shareholder in the business. This requirement must be met or else the company will not be eligible for an industrial or commercial license. By allowing non residents to form company in this way, the United Arab Emirates are encouraging foreign investments. This is not the only incentive that they offer. The UAE also offers an easier process of setting up and reduced overheads. Free zones in Dubai and other parts of the UAE all have different rules for investors looking to set up a business.

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